TStv Dealers In Ekiti State

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Is there any dealers of Telcomm Satellite TV (TStv) in Ekiti State?

The above question has been asked and sent as a message to our official lines and email address several times and that is what this post will address.

Last year, Managing Director of TStv, Bright Echefu, on Friday, Oct 6th, 2017, in Abuja, said TStv would launch its services with about one million decoders nationwide.

According to him, at least 5,000 decoders TStv would be released to the public next week (2017) for free, adding that it would use the first set of decoders with one month free subscription to test run its services.

He said; “Commercialization of our decoders will resume officially on Nov. 1 and by that time, every part of Nigeria would have TStv decoders for people to buy.

“We are releasing about one million which can go round and our target for the first quarter is one million units.

“In every quarter we will bring one million units and we are targeting four million units within the next one year.

“I can tell you categorically that some decoders will be released next week (2017) for Nigerians to test and we are going to cover the 36 states of the federation.

“These decoders are going to be free and it close to 5,000 units to test and that will last for two weeks,’’ he said.

Following the above statement made by Mr. Echefu, residents of Ekiti has been searching for TStv decoder, which led many to ask us the simple but difficult question, Is there any dealers of Telcomm Satellite TV (TStv) in Ekiti State?

The truth is, NO ONE! EKITIDEFENDER CORRESPONDENTS has searched various electronic stores in Ekiti and most of them seems not to know what TStv is all about.

A dealer told EKITIDEFENDER, “TStv? What is that? What does that mean, if it’s a decoder, it’s not yet available here in Ekiti.

“I am an electronic dealer and TStv, I can confirm, is not yet in Ekiti, whenever it comes in stock, I will let you know, he added.

In conclusion, TStv is not yet in Ekiti State stores, and we will update this post whenever it comes into market.

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