Nigerians back Fayose’s hunter herdsmen decision

ayose-300x169 Nigerians back Fayose’s hunter herdsmen decision

NIGERIANS have thrown their weights and applauded the Governor Ayodele Fayose’s decision to empower hunters in combating Fulani herdsmen menace in Ekiti State.

On #TribuneChat forum, a weekly discussion programme on social media, Nigerians opined that he took the right step, saying; the police are full of excuses.

One of such people is Facebook’s Sunday Joseph who is of the opinion that “The Police have always been involved in late coming into the show. The Police always come for fake investigation when the deed has been done if you haven’t noticed.

“Any Governor who wants to protect his people will think twice and think of how the people will protect themselves. After all, Fulani herdsmen and farmer attack are classified as a communal clash. Do you want Ayo Fayose to wait and see another ‘communal clashes’ in his state?”

Victor Tomi Olaseni further buttressed Joseph’s point, stating vividly that “Federal Police is a waste in this country. State police could have prevented the massacre. I applaud Fayose’s move. If I were Benue Governor, I will arm my citizens to defend themselves and return back to the farm. When your enemy has what you have, they will think twice before staging attacks.”

Mumeen Olawale Ibn Imran opined that “Governor Fayose took the right step and made a very reasonable decision. I’ve opposed him in many ways but on this I support him.”

Felix Yohanna thinks “Fayose is not a coward to use herdsmen’ sympathisers against them following the IGP’s comments after Benue massacre.”

According to the reactions, many are of the opinion that the police are part of the herdsmen owing to the fact that most of the top security officers are Fulani people. One of such commentator, Job Emmanuel Oseni shared his view. “He is 100 per cent correct because the so-called Fulanis have something to do with the security agencies in Nigeria. So the best way is self-defence. More grease to your elbow the people’s Governor.”

Nestor Godwin explained that “Since Police IG including army Chief Buratai are Fulanis and supporting the Fulani herdsmen’ murderous attacks, every right-thinking Governor should recruit vigilante/hunters like Fayose to checkmate and fight the dangerous activities of these herdsmen.”

However, some of the reactions condemned the move.

Ahmed Ismaila said: “My Advice to Mr Fayose…if things get out of hand in Ekiti as it did in Benue do not blame the FG but your thoughts and actions…as for those of you supporting and instigating Fayose to go ahead….may God touch your hearts and minds to start thinking.”

Odebiyi Kolawole opined that “With the comments above, I am short of words concerning the POLICE.”

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