Ekiti motorists sleep in filling stations

nnpc-station-300x225 Ekiti motorists sleep in filling stations

Scarcity of petrol has become unbearable in Ekiti State as motorists now sleep in filling stations across the state to have the opportunity to buy. Some of the motorists that News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) correspondent met at the filling station yesterday morning were busy washing their faces with water.

One of motorists, Bolaji Oguntuase, said that he was disappointed with the fuel marketers for hoarding the product and making them to suffer under the sun all day. He said many of the marketers had fuel, but deliberately decided not to sell to create artificial fuel scarcity. “I slept inside my car outside the compound of NNPC before I could buy fuel this morning,” he said. Another motorist, Bidemi Owolabi, said he did not expect the marketers to punish motorists by hoarding fuel.

Owolabi said most of them had to sleep in filling stations, while others bought from black markets to carry on with their daily business. Meanwhile, the crisis seem to be worsening in Abuja as most filling stations remained shut while the few that opened for businesses were characterised by long queues. The NNPC Mega Station along the Kubwa Expressway was open as at the time New Telegraph visited the place, but the queue of vehicles waiting to buy fuel stretched for several kilometres.

Besides, the black marketers were busy selling fuel in jerry cans to motorists who could not have the patience of joining the queue. A litre of fuel sold for between N300 and N350, depending on the bargaining power of the buyer.

The situation was not different in the other filling stations within the metropolis as the long queue of vehicles waiting to buy fuel at the Forte Oil filling station opposite the Transcorp Hilton stretched as far as the British Council Roundabout on the Shehu Shagari Way. At the Emadeb Filling Station along the Ahmadu Bello Way, the queue was equally long and chaotic as some motorists shunned the queues and forced their way into the station after they allegedly bribed the security men at the exit gate. As early as 7a.m., there was a long queue at Total Filling Station on Gado Nasko Road, Kubwa but the gate was locked and there were no attendants at the pumps. Some motorists, who had been on queue over the night, were seen waiting for the management and attendants to open the station.

Most fuel stations in Nyanya and Maraba remained shut yesterday, leaving those who had queued up in anticipation of getting fuel stranded. Some of the filling stations, like AA Rano, and NNPC stations at Nyanya Mopoll junction were all shut, while motorists who seemed to have spent many hours there claim the stations were hoarding the fuel. They also alleged that the DPR officials were not monitoring the areas, hence the fuel stations have refused to sell. While most of the filling stations were not selling, the only NNPC station at Karu site that was selling had a chaotic situation with an uncontrollable crowd that besieged the station scrambling to buy

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