Ekiti 2018: Lets have Segun Oni again. By Adebisi Ojo

oni-696x427-300x184 Ekiti 2018: Lets have Segun Oni again. By Adebisi Ojo

In few months the people of Ekiti will go to poll to elect a governor that will steer the affairs of the state for the next four years, the election is important to Ekiti people because they need responsible leader that will not only stabilize the state through adequate developmental policy but also restore the value of omoluabi and the glory of the state back.

Obviously, Ekiti today is not in the good record of many people, not because the state is not progressing as expected but the rascality and attitude of the man at the helms of affairs and his co traveler has brought a serious dent to the integrity of the state which use to be the pride of Yoruba in term of academic excellence and diligence.

People often get worried about how Ekiti people descended so low to have allow a governor like Ayodele Fayose to lead them, Yes Mr Peter Ayodele Fayose has demonstrated his best but obviously his best is too low when compared to what the state deserved in term of human capacity development, infrastructural build up and all round transformation of the state, and this can only be achieved is a tested capable and responsible person is supported to be the next governor instead of allow Fayose to plant a successor whose tenure may even be worse than his.

Between 2003-2007 when Ayodele Fayose was governor, Ekiti people witnessed similar experience, Fayose ‘s government did not only impoverished the people like he is doing now, the government also milked the state dry using white elephant projects to siphon the money but the emergence of Engineer Segun Oni rescue the situation, he introduce a new dimension into governance in the state, a practical approach which brought a relieve to the oppressed people in the state, those who went on xile because of fear of being killed by agent of government returned and there was peace, and the state witness gradual development .

The process of rebranding Ekiti was again halted by the darkness, through a jungle justice “Salamigate” yet, the few years Spent in office cannot be compared with the ones his successors has spent altogether because in spite of the meager resources available to the state, he made judicious use of the fund and use it in making life bearable and better for the people. several killometres of roads were tarred, water supply was regular, primary health care delivery was a top priority of the government and people were happy, not only because of those projects but because they were carried along, they were involved in the process, his government was truly a government of the people and a typical example of how democratic government should run.

Periodic interaction with the people through a a programme called “ state of the state’ where all stakeholders gathered to review the activities of the government was in order and an initiative which brought government closer to the people , people were allowed to openly criticize, appraise and ask questions without any fear of intimidation.

Well obviously Engineer Segun Oni is in the race for just one reason, and the reason is not far fetch from his passion , great passion for Ekiti, the passion is born out of his desire like that of many other great indigenes of Ekiti to enlist the state as one of the best state in Africa where everything thrives, where people live in peace without any threat and where accountability and transparency is the fulcrum of the government.

Oni is a tested and trusted hand, his antecedent and achievements speaks volume, his plans for Ekiti are far better than what is obtainable now and his passion for the development of is second to none, everybody who want Ekiti to grow should support him , share is vision and make Ekiti great again.

Adebisi Ojo writes from Ijan Ekiti

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