2018: Ekiti Elders Urge Politicians To Shun Violence

ekiti-elders 2018: Ekiti Elders Urge Politicians To Shun Violence

Ekiti State Council of Elders on Saturday urged politicians in the state to shun violence and other vices capable of causing unrest in the state as preparations for the 2018 governorship election gathers momentum in the state.

The Council in a statement jointly signed by its Chairman, Prof Joshua Oluwasanmi, Standing Committee Chairman, Chief Deji Fasuan and Secretary, Hon Niyi Ajibulu also tasked political parties in the state on the need to embrace unity and togetherness.

The senior citizen warned politicians in the state against allowing narrow partisan interest to becloud the overall oneness of the state.

The spirit with which the state was fought for and won, according to them, should offer guide to whoever is aspiring to any political positions in the state.

“It is therefore our hope and prayer that we conduct ourselves in a way that we will remain a united people, bearing in mind the aspirations of our founding fathers and our forebears

“Certainly, we will continue to have divergent views on political and social matters, but our aim for unity and development must not be compromised.”

The Council equally bemoaned consistent marginalisation of the state by the federal government in the area off roads network.

According to the group, “In this regard, we once more appeal to the federal government to put more emphasis on physical development of all components of our society.

“We have consistently complained about some form of marginalisation or the other. This is apparent especially in Federal Roads network in Ekitiland.

“Our state has unfortunately become an island where you have to navigate strenuously to access. The problem does not start today.

“It is the accumulation of years of neglect when our leaders who are expected to watch over our affairs are prone to self enrichment and aggrandizement, doling out minor materials including cheap clothing,

bicycles, grinding machines, motorcycles, and others.

“Ekiti people are hoping that there will be a change in orientation of our political leaders both serving at home and at the federal level. It is apparent that the urgent need of our state centre around those investments that enhance the standard of living, give opportunity for the youth for employment or self development.”

The Elders in what they christened “New Year Address to Ekiti People at Home and in Disapora” commended the Council of Traditional Rulers for acting as unifying factors and forces across the communities.

“We plead with them to continue to play constructive fatherly roles so that they can continue to justify the high pedestal to which societies place them,” they said.

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